Aiko Taguchi

Aiko Taguchi

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The beauty of human bodies has been expressed in masterpieces, which went down in art history. Even though the trends of its beauty have been changing, it has not been changed that the human body itself can be the aesthetic object. Nowadays, there is a phenomenon digital natives have been making their own ideal beauty of themselves through smartphones and apps. This phenomenon is applied to my art practice through deconstructing human body images with a scanner and collaging the images on apps. Through my practice,  the beauty of human bodies has been transformed into new creatures, and it is used as the icon of my artworks. Currently,  I focus on the theme “what if the creatures exist in reality,” and make the pieces interact between fiction and reality.  The creatures are placed in surveillance camera images and Google Street View, and in this series, viewers can cross fiction and reality, digital and analogue world.


Selected works

35°39’45.6″N 139°41’59.1″E
Acrylic, Oil, Panel
W594 × H420 × H24mm


Installation view