Disrupting The Feed

Disrupting The Feed

Jovan Matić

2 - 17 February 2024

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Disrupting The Feed

Jovan Matić

2 – 17 February 2024

11:00 – 19:00
Closed on Sunday (By appointment only)

Gallery Hayashi

Meet The Artist
2, 3 February

GALLERY HAYASHI+ART BRIDGE is pleased to present Disrupting The Feed, a solo exhibition by Jovan Matić. This will be Matić’s first solo exhibition in Japan and will feature ceramic sculptures created during his residency at the Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Centre.
Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Jovan Matić creates works that provoke the viewer to think about social systems and the human condition. Growing up between the economic disparities between post-socialist Eastern Europe and the West, he witnessed the social changes caused by the break-up of Eastern European countries and their rapid transition to capitalism. While keeping a close eye on and understanding the relationship between society and the marketplace, which has steered us towards a fast-paced consumer society, as an artist he resists this and expresses it in his work. The ‘selective freedom’ we have today, where we can choose goods from among many, meant that consumer society ‘liberated’ people from their previous habits and customs. However, we have become a crippled existence, dancing around branded added value. He produces ceramic sculptures that use corporate logos and symbols as cookie cutters. This is an ongoing questioning of consumer society’s pursuit of true universal objects, by using symbolic motifs from consumer society as cookie cutters, symbols of things that are reproduced and mass-produced.
The works on display in this exhibition were produced at the Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Centre. The ceramic, which has existed since prehistoric times and is still used today, is indeed a universal object that will be handed down to future generations – see how ceramic responds to Matić’s thoughts and inner struggle, sublimated into a pure work of art.


Installation View