Jovan Matić

Jovan Matić

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The artistic practice I deal with is a product of observing current social topics that leave a strong impression on me – above all those phenomena that encourage thinking about the system and the position of man in it. In the light of social and market relations, man today is in a dual position – consumer and goods, so my art is an attempt to understand and resist the implications of these positions. As a consumer, man observes the world around him through the prism of goods and their market value, and thus observes other people, which makes social relations economic. In my work, I consider precisely that aspect of social relations that create value and consequently profit, as well as my own position within such a system.

My focus is everyday situations where as an observer, but also an accomplice, I try to understand and show emotions that draw most people and me into socio-economic events of which we are largely unaware: alienation produced by such interpersonal relationships, fear of rationalization of human relations as economic, as well as the possibility of exploitation that follows from that, and finally resistance to the general insincerity that arises as a consequence of the struggle for capital (social, economic, cultural).

The way I materialize ideas in my work: using various techniques and a combination of contrasting materials and vivid colors, with the intensity of visual impression this aims to draw attention to the relevance of the topics I talk about. At first glance, the intensity of likable forms can cause attractiveness and likeability, but with each subsequent look at the work, critical views of the phenomena in question are provoked. The aestheticization of the form ironically speaks of human nature to be easier to swallow with a teaspoon of sugar.


Selected works

Cutter-Thumb down
Ceramic and acrylic paint
W550 ×H550 ×D300mm


Cutter-Holy mother
Ceramic and acrylic paint
W400 ×H750 ×D80mm


Installation View
Photo: Len Ishimaru